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Photo taken by Melissa Rife at CMIM 2000

hamber Music In the Mountains
at Echo Glen

CMIM 2021 has been CANCELED

To the students, parents, coaches, and staff of Chamber Music in the Mountains,

I really regret having to say this, but we are going to have to cancel this year’s (next week’s) CMIM.

The reasons are as follows:

The Covid infection number in Pima County is up by 146 in just yesterday. I have consulted two people in the health field in Pima County this afternoon and they both have strong reservations about the risk of going ahead with camp. One of them is our nurse for camp and she is worried about liability issues even if we take all the precautions we can to prevent an outbreak. (Our good governor has decreed that we cannot require inoculations)

A member of our Junior Strings board is also concerned. One of the considerations that hadn’t occurred to me was that if we have even one or two covid cases that happen at camp, then the whole camp would have to be quarantined for one or two weeks, and SCHOOL STARTS FOR MOST DISTRICTS RIGHT AFTER CAMP! We wouldn’t want to have any of our students have trouble getting started for the year by being quarantined right off the bat.

Plus – I have come down with a bad cough. I got tested for covid yesterday and the result was a negative, but I’m still coughing rather strongly. It may be just be a sinus infection, but we don’t know what. I would be working with almost every kid in camp during the week, and I don’t want to spread anything around.

My wife and I both feel that we don’t want to put anybody’s kids “at risk”. SO—we need to call off CMIM for this year. I will tell, you, there is no one any more disappointed than I. It has been our observation that CMIM does more good for each student participating than a whole year of other kind of musical training. AND - I love to play chamber music. This is my time to get in there and practice and perform with other professionals. I am really going to miss that this next week.

Sorry! (for all of us)

Dennis Bourret, Director, Chamber Music in the Mountains, Tucson Junior Strings

Please contact Dennis Bourret at



Dennis Bourret, musical director

Southern Pines Baptist Camp
Organization Ridge Road on Mount Lemmon AZ

CAMP is open to qualified high school and college-aged string players
Must be 14 or older to participate

$650.00 covers
Tuition & Room and Board

    1. Deposit of $250.00 due 1 June
    2. 2nd payment of $200 due 1 July
    3. Balance of $200 due 25 July,
          first day of camp


Faculty Concert
Saturday, July 30
Location to be announced

Student Concert
A concert will be presented by our young Chamber Music in the Mountains at Echo Glen performers.
Sunday, July 31 at 2:30 pm
First Southern Baptist Church
445 East Speedway Boulevard

Both concerts are open to the public -- please invite family and friends. They are "donations gladly accepted" to enable the use of the facilities for our concerts, and also for funding financial assistance to CMIM participants who cannot meet the full tuition, room and board.

CONCERT DRESS:  We will be performing our concert at First Southern Baptist Church at 445 East Speedway. With respect to the venue of our concert, though it is not your church, we are asking that concert dress reflect proper respect. Please DO NOT wear mini skirts or revealing gowns.

violins: be able to play sixteenth notes in fifth position
violas: eighth notes in fifth position
cellos: thumb position and tenor clef
basses: eighth notes in the first five positions.
AND everyone should have a good vibrato.

The minimum age is fourteen. Camp is open to students through college age.

We are taking applications at this time. Please have any interested students contact the director, Dennis Bourret, dbourret@cox./net or 520-745-5830.

Purpose and approach
CMIMeg hopes to provide each camper the insight to ensemble playing by in-depth study of one chamber work in two coached sessions per day, and the opportunity to play one challenging orchestra piece well.

This year, barring any other disasters such as the Aspen Fire three summers ago, we plan to hold our camp on “the Mountain” again. We will be at the First Southern Baptist Church Camp “Southern Pines” again this year. The camp is located on Mount Lemmon, just past mile post 20 on Organization Ridge Road.

Camp starts on Sunday, 25 July at 3:00PM and ends on Sunday, 31 July after the final concert in Tucson.

Fees and financial arrangements

All checks and money orders should be made payable to:
Tucson Junior Strings.
Visa, Mastercharge, and American Express are also accepted.

Registration for camp is scheduled for 3:00PM at Southern Pines. Registrants should have a completed application, health and medical form, and balance of tuition.

NOTE: Health and medical forms are mandatory for ALL in attendance.







Tucson Junior Strings 
Dennis Bourret, Director
6426 East Eli Drive
Tucson, AZ 85710-8741
Telephone (520) 465-1334



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