membership requirements

All applicants and members must be members of their school orchestra if there is a school orchestra program offered at school.

Please see the audition requirements.

All members should have the following in order to participate in TJS 

  • a stringed instrument (violin, viola, cello or bass) of the proper size for the player 
  • The instrument can be one of your own, a rented instrument, or one which has been checked out from your school orchestra director.  It should be in playing condition (all four strings playable) and in a functional case.
  • a bow of proper size with playable hair
  • rosin for the appropriate instrument
  • cellists and bass players must have an endpin stop
  • a pencil (or pencils -- no pens) on the music stand at each rehearsal
  • members of Junior Chamber, Chamber II and Chamber I  must have mutes
  • two (2) clothespins to keep music from blowing off the stand

Some other items which might be nice but not required (if you’re looking for birthday, holiday, or incentive gifts)

  • metronome
  • a music stand for home practice
  • tuning fork
  • a Dampit (humidifier for inside the instrument case) 

Members must attend as many rehearsals as possible.

JUNIOR CHAMBER and CHAMBER II members may take two (2) homework/study cuts per semester.  Of course, if the school orchestra has a performance during a scheduled Junior Chamber or Chamber II rehearsal, the school orchestra performance has priority over a TJS rehearsal.  Any other school activity involving a grade also has priority over a TJS rehearsal. 

CHAMBER I members may take one (1) homework study cut per semester. The school activities described above for Junior Chamber and Chamber II above also apply to Chamber I. 

CALL (520) 465-1334  to leave a message if you are ill or have a school related activity.


If you must miss a rehearsal, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to notify us at 745-5830 of your absence and THE REASON  for your absence from rehearsal.  You should also inquire if there are any special announcements. 

PLEASE NOTE three (3) tardies mean you lose any chance at first chair, AND three (3) unexcused absences means we will schedule a conference with you and your parents concerning your sense of responsibility.

It is a matter of very bad manners to simply fail to show. This is a point about which we feel very strongly.  It will definitely affect decisions on first chair selection and/or advancement to the next orchestra. 

Important Notice

Besides certain technical requirements,  all TJS members are required to participate in their school orchestra program, if the school offers such a program.

For more information or to schedule an audition appointment please call (520)465-1334.




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